about us

who we are

“As parents ourselves, we understand the anxiety that can be experienced when choosing the right childcare. Rest assured your child will feel safe and secure, and cared for by adults who genuinely love being with children.”

Rachel Smith

Mother, educator, student, mindfulness practitioner and instructor, pet owner, lover of nature and life, founder of Mindful Minding, 

After 20 years of teaching, leading and training in International schools, Rachel relocated to Bansko in 2019 to enjoy the natural beauty of the area, to develop her mindfulness practice, and to share both with adults and children. 

Rachel is qualified to Masters level in educational leadership and management, she is a Level 3 Safeguarding Trainer with a UK organisation, and has DBS certification. 


what we do

For children, mindfulness is about paying full attention to what is happening for them in the present moment. It is also about connecting mind and body, and by quite a young age, some children can learn skills that they can utilise on their own.

Mindfulness is increasingly practiced in schools as there is evidence that it has many benefits, such as improved concentration, self-awareness and self-regulation.

As mindful practitioners, our approach is to pay close attention, moment by moment, bringing compassion,  non-judgement, and acceptance to our interactions with all children in our care.